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Ranking System

One of the first things you will probably notice when looking in on karate class is that there are several different coloured belts adorning the white uniforms. The colour of each belt corresponds to the level of experience and ability of the individual wearing it. Everyone begins wearing a white belt. From white they progress through the respective levels of yellow, orange, green, purple, brown and black. We use the Japanese term kyu to refer to the coloured belts and dan to refer to black belts.
Examinations are generally held three times per year here in our dojo. They are usually scheduled to fall on a weekend. Examinations are given by either Sensei Jones or Master Yaguchi who travels from Denver, Colorado especially for the grading. There is a short write-up on Master Yaguchi here.

Occasionally we have the opportunity to train with Master Yaguchi in special seminars held just prior to the examinations. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these extra classes. Any member karate-ka may present themselves for examination, provided that they have met all the requirements listed in this guide.

The karate-ka shall wear a clean white karate uniform, an ISKF crest and the belt representing his/her present rank.

Belt Colour Rank Minimum Training Kata required for next belt/grading Grading Syllabus
White Belt / 9th Kyu 9th Kyu   Heian Shodan Play Heian Shodan
Yellow Belt / 8th Kyu 8th Kyu 4 months Heian Nidan Play Heian Nidan
Orange Belt / 7th Kyu 7th Kyu 8 months Heian Sandan Play Heian Sandan
Green Belt / 6th Kyu 6th Kyu 12 months Heian Yondan Play Heian Yondan
Purple Belt / 5th Kyu 5th Kyu 16 months Heian Godan Play Heian Godan
Purple Belt / 4th Kyu 4th Kyu 20 months Tekki Shodan Play Tekki Shodan
Brown Belt / 3rd Kyu 3rd Kyu 24 months Bassai Dai Play Bassai Dai
Brown Belt / 2nd Kyu 2nd Kyu 28 months Bassai-Dai Play Bassai Dai
Brown Belt / 1st Kyu 1st Kyu 32 months Bassai-Dai
or Empi
Play Bassai Dai
Play Kanku-Dai
Play Jion
Play Empi
Black Belt / 1st Dan Shodan
1st Dan
3-3½ years All kata's will need to be known Kata page »