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We are a fully accredited martial arts school that teaches traditional shotokan karate. We offer classes to all individuals, both men and women and children, in fact our children’s program is second to none in Canada.

Our dojo was founded in 1985 under the guidance of Sensei David Jones, a 7th degree black belt with over 40 years of karate experience. Sensei Jones is one of the leading instructors within the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF). He is the Chief Instructor of ISKF Alberta, Chairman of ISKF Canada and is a Technical Committee member, representing ISKF internationally. .... more »

Welcome from Sensei David Jones
ISKF Calgary - Womens Kata Team

Crystal Burke Schatz 2017-03-11
Spring forward one hour tonight. Remember so you don't miss Sunday class.
Crystal Burke Schatz 2017-03-03
💥update - All children's classes CANCELED Friday March 3, 2017! There will be no classes due to a water main break at the dojo. Please spread the word to other parents and students. Saturday and Sunday classes will continue with no water as the classes are smaller and attended by more adults.
Crystal Burke Schatz 2017-03-01
🚨Attention: there has been a water main break near the dojo so there is no running water for tonight Feb. 28 and tomorrow Wed. Mar. 1. Classes WILL continue as scheduled but showers will be unavailable. Toilets will also be limited to manual flush with the water we have access to so please keep that in mind. We hope to have water again for thursdays classes. Thanks for your understanding.

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